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Like many people, I indulge in the lotto. I would suspect that like many people, I have some form of religious observance to try to tip the scales. I would think that unlike many people, I have made a pact with the universe to observe all phenomena as a direct commentary on my life from God.

That is, of course, a moral oath. If I can’t figure out some way to incorporate something into that particular framework, I shouldn’t be doing it. In this way, the lotto is also holy. If I won, I would probably use a good portion of the funds to pay off the house, educate my kids, take my wife somewhere nice, and then I would probably open up schools around the nation and teach life skills, morality, rhetoric, and provide people with a classical education. A well-formed mind can then apprehend any skill which society at large might find of use.

However, I realize now that, when I bought the lotto ticket, I wasn’t thinking about that stuff. Instead of taking the long view there and swearing an oath to that end, I was thinking about much more mundane things: My chimney needs a liner, my cars transmission is giving up, my wife was out of work, and my cat is being a jerk this week. In short, I could find one hundred things to do with the money that didn’t particularly require Mega Millions. And this really set the stage…

The altar was prepared with all manner of Jupiterian things. Blue cloth, blue candle, and I put the four #4 tarot cards on there with lit candles over them. I went out in the hour of Jupiter on the day of Jupiter and bought 10x tickets for the lotto. I brought the ticket home, sang some hymns, waved it over the fire and smoke, and put it in the triangle. I went to bed happy and singly concentrated on the idea of winning. I went into work the next day and held the attitude of winning to the point of telling my wife to go to the machine and figure out what we won.

Did I win?

A big, fat, nope.

Did we win even a little bit?


So what are the odds?

The answer is – one ticket has a 1 in 14.7 chance of winning. I purchased 10 tickets, so by an average coin flip, we should have at least won a $1 back I could spend on getting a coffee. Didn’t win the coin flip. That’s OK. But lets look at this a little bit deeper.

Not only did we not win…

Not only did we not match any small prizes…

Not a single number on that ticket matched any of the numbers drawn.

Sometimes, the universe tells you nope.

That, to me, is not indicative of the magic not working, that to me is indicative of being told “fuck off”. The ticket was all random pick – I am downright impressed at how badly that went. It’s important to look at magic when magic doesn’t work and try to figure out the hows and why. In this particular case, I think the disparity between the amount of money I wanted and the amount of money I would have won was so very large that it would have probably caused major problems in my life. That being said, I value my family more than I value the coin, and I think the lesson here is the spirits I’m working with know that too. Had I written a pact – it might have worked, but I think the pact would have included a hefty sum going into charity. It is one thing to formulate desire, its downright easy to hold the idea of winning and that glow all day. It is quite another to formulate the Will, and the will in this case would have required a giant plan with what to actually do with the money. Next time around, I’m putting together the plan.

What should be in the plan? Crowleys deck outlines it quite tell – the 4 of swords is importantly a truce. Your problems don’t go away (with money), but there is respite from them. 4 of wands is completion. This card in particular is poignant since it sets the stage for failure in the material world being “just what we need”. Frankly, if I were successful in the material world, I’d be rich already. The 4 of cups is luxury. Money is nice, but material wealth is a temporary vanity. Finally the four of disks is power. But notice how the power is merely limited to the material world. While the other cards have meaning derived from the zodiac, this card is clearly limited to a fortress of the four elements.

Addendum: I was asked, “did you perform divination before doing the lotto?” The answer was no, but I also have a sneaking suspicion it would have been hard to actually facilitate a clear question and current to provide truthful answers given the amount of people praying and working magic on the numbers. I would imagine that if I had better psychic sight, those little pingpong balls would be glowing white hot with the intent being thrown into them.