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Fortunately, in this universe, I was wrong about any sort of terrorism on New Years Eve.

I actually didn’t even stay up to watch it, my kids had both missed their naps so Dad missed his nap, which means thank God for DVRs.

About the only interesting idea of note is that a bunch of police were walking around with little palm sized boxes. They were radiation detectors. This is the first year I recall (not that I particularly remember past News Years) which the police had palm sized radiation detectors.

So here’s the rub with prophecy – if I would have rolled my eyes and said “well that’s obvious” at the prediction, it’s not prophecy. The reality is that the police, Tom Clancy, various Presidents and such have been beating the dirty bomb drum for years now. The sad part is that it’s game over. People know how to make them. The topic has been discussed to death. We live in an age where boyscouts are able to collect enough radioactive material from smoke detectors to poison themselves. Saying “a nuclear event” isn’t prophecy. Saying “terrorism on New Years” isn’t prophecy – someone, somewhere is going to be a terrorist on some New Years somewhere in the world. Putting a time, a place, and an event in the same basket is prophecy, but obviously my record for prophecy is shit.