I don’t normally dream, so I tend to sit up and take notice when I have a dream, especially an intense one. For the sake of notes, I drank the juice and rum I made for my wife and I had a glass of wine later also. That was it. My eating schedule recently has been completely screwed up.

We started out in a hospital. It was dark. People were laying in beds and the beds were haphazardly placed in the space. The space was clean and tiled, but the people were mostly covered in sheets. I wasn’t sure if they were people or merely bodies, but a few of them rolled over. The room was dim, so they were obviously sleeping. My one companion was asian and wore a fairly sharp green suit, the other one was sort of smokey and usually seemed female without taking a definite shape. We had a camera. “It takes pictures of auroras”, he explained. Note that it was auroras, not auras. The woman would take a picture, and the flash would pop, and we would walk along. This wasn’t the first time I had gotten devices from spirits, but at the time I just went with it, I didn’t realize it was a dream. Eventually medical staff came in and we understood we had to leave, so I left with these two. We stepped into an elevator. There was a sense of time passing.

The second time we went to take pictures, we showed up at the hospital somewhere in the lobby. Similar to astral travel, I’m not sure how anyone pops out at a specific place but… We were in the lobby of the hospital. This time we needed a keycard for everything. It was a generic white one, like any sort of office would have, and it scanned on various black bricks to open doors. The hallways were long, and I quickly became lost. The hospital seemed to alternate between being a clean white place and some sort of museum. The carpets were oriental and rich, there were framed paintings and things in glass cases, mostly mummies and egyptian kit. The hospital side was clean, the tiled floor was a giant checkerboard pattern in muted colors. The walls had colored stripes on them, I remember black and green. Many, many doors later we returned to the place. I got the impression the idea was that these people were either ill or going to die, and somehow with the aura (“aurora”) photography, we were doing something not entirely kosher by medical standards but somehow we could fix something via the device. We took more pictures, but the room itself was starting to look run down. The lights this time were kept low but would flicker like candle flame. A few of the fixtures were missing colors. This time when the medical staff came in, we left in a rush.

The third time we materialized somewhere in a classroom if someone had decided to shake the classroom up like a snowglobe. It’s not that anything was ruined, it was just that all the desks were smashed into the corner in a hopeless tangle. This classroom exited into a basement, or steam tunnel. We went upstairs out of the ridiculous classroom cave and found ourselves in an almost colorless version of the previous area. This time the keycards didn’t work. Finally our Asian friend pulled something from under his shirt and it would open doors simply by being held near them. We went through a few of these and finally ended up back in the room. I finally find my voice and say, “What is that?”

“Neat, isn’t it?” He pulls out the necklace and the round disk. The disk is the Secret Seal of Solomon (or the Table of Practice, depending on which Goetia you use).


And I woke up.