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Enoch and the Day of the End – Wonderful commentary on hermetic thought and the Golden Chain which exists in philosophy. I’ve been reading it slowly but surely and enjoying it.

A True and Faithful Relation – Continuing the enochian kick, that particular link is the “fixed” text version of the True and Faithful Relation. While there’s a lot of “enochian system” books out there, very few of them quote extensively from the source material. This link is particularly nice because it’s presented in text, and not scans from the manuscript.

Alan Watts – a goldmine of esoteric thought. While I don’t get too interested in “zen thoughts” which tend to be navel gazing, he has neat commentaries on Gnostic Jesus and Meditation.

The Koran – I might end up writing a book on the Koran, or at least a series of posts. The Koran is a hot topic because, like all great esoteric works, it was filtered through the flawed vessel of humanity. I’ve discussed some of the ideas with my Muslim buddies and while they are enthusiastic to discuss it, they also warn me that my ideas are liberal, even for Sufi. Of course I filter everything through my own personal vessel made of my perceptions and present understanding and as such, my reading of the Koran is gnostic and hermetic. It is likely that Islam picked up hermetic thoughts and practices from its conquests of the Holy Lands where Christian monasteries held such ideas and simply applied them to the “new normal”. In addition to that, Islam would have its people pray five times a day, take ritual baths, and spend time reflecting on scripture. The lifestyle is similar to orthodox Jews. Any serious reading about the subject absolutely lends itself to comparison with ceremonial magic, if the reader can get past the politics. Further along the topic – Crowley himself stole significant portions of the imagery for the OTO and Liber Resh, and in so doing elevated himself to the head of his own mosque. I’m sort of surprised he issued Libers and not Fatwahs.

I’ve been feeling sick and run down lately, so it’s been a good week or so to catch up on my reading.