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I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before but I became a believer in ceremonial magic by doing Enochian work which really scared the crap out of me. Sort of like riding a motorcycle or learning to blow glass, there’s great rewards in getting over the “terrified” hump and into the “respect” groove.

So that being the idea, my wife was having interpersonal problems with people she interacts with and Blumaza, having solved problems for me at work, was a slam-dunk for the job!

She started out the night throwing around some Runes, which were being pedantic as usual. She was asking very specific questions for initials and names and had forgotten to remove the blank rune tile. Or the blank rune tile apported into the bag, either one is plausible at this point. The reading really went to crap after she pulled it and said, “Oh I’m going to draw again.” The blank rune showed up because the answer was either “we don’t know” or “we won’t tell”. Either way ignoring it past that draw was the beginning of completely nonsensical draws. I’ve been fairly adamant about removing the blank rune from the set in my guide, and the same rule applies. If you give the reading an opportunity to tell you to take a hike, there’s a possibility that the system will express the answer to take a hike. Which it did.

At that point I said the blank rune was her answer, and so after a few draws and blanks and such strangeness she thanked the ancestors and grabbed me. For whatever reason at that point (probably too much wine for me) she asked who I was talking to in order to sort out problems at work and I said I had worked things over with King Blumaza using rituals from Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy. He “stands at the right hand of Uriel” and “bears the chain of Government”, so that’s a natural description for knowledge working and top-down change. We had some discussion about how the pentagram ritual worked from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, and she pawed through my copy of The Golden Dawn. This is all up-and-up, she wanted to get the full ceremony on and that made me extremely happy.

We put out the sigillum dei aemeth in each corner of the room and the AGLA sigillum dei aemeth in the center of the table. I lit a candle and put it on the table, and put my preferred black shewstone on the central sigillum dei aemeth. She did the pentagram and hexagram rituals, and then read the conjuration from the book (using the thelemic version). Putting out the sigillum dei aemeths make the room “poised”, but actually reading the conjurations make the room alive. I killed the lights.

She asked, “Can I have a sign of…” and there was a sound like someone sitting on the table. That by itself is hard to describe since the table is covered in ritual kit, but if someone sat on it, that’s the noise that was produced. As she was asking questions, affirmations were met with a similar noises, while negatives were met with silence, or a wavering of the candle. It gave a similar appearance to someone waving their hands over the flame.

Worth noting – she passed the evocation test. The magicians right foot is supposed to be placed on the seal of the spirit, and previous experiments with this to the end of second guessing the actual position of the circle and feet have produced clear results. The seal is supposed to be made to the size of a foot, the seal is not supposed to be the circle, and the seal only works when the right foot of the magician is placed on it. Placing both feet on the seal seems to deprive it of potency. Magical literalism, go figure. She commented her right foot was warm and tingled and her left foot was cool.

After interrogating the spirit, she put several tasks to the spirit and we cut it loose. One thing I was less than enthusiastic about was that King Blumaza seemed to stick around longer than other spirits, but it wasn’t a hostile presence. It was more like walking to a room with an owl in it and the owl takes note of our presence. We will see how the spirit accomplishes the tasks set to it, and if she has any follow-up insight. To that end, she was impressed with the spiritism sorts of effects that Enochian magic usually produces.

In other news, C from Ghana also managed to get over the hump and call up Tzadkiel. He said he prepared the altar as best he could, he blacked out a mirror, and he read the conjuration from Planetary Magick. He reported laying prostrate and praying for 15 minutes and “he heard a man command him to rise”. Unfortunately, he was so startled by the experience he completely broke his concentration and apparently tore through his house demanding the intruder show himself. I would say he’s off to a great start!