A dream.

I was walking down the dirt road to a gravel pit I knew from my youth in Texas. At the bottom of the pit was a gentle slope into a deep pool of water, but the water was gone in this dream. The impromptu range made from stranded and abandoned mining equipment people had setup was still there, and there were mirages of people on the benches. There’s an old elevator there which had since fallen in, but it made a ramp into the pit filled in by the flowing sand and flat rocks. As I walked down it I heard from behind me “Straight as an Arrow” from a man sitting in the shade of the fallen elevator shaft.

At the bench are two women with blue hair, to their right is a man wearing a green jumper. I am approached by a man in a red suit. He shakes my hand and hugs me.

I woke up to the Hum of the Universe. I haven’t been to the pit in 20 years. I don’t even know if the pit is still there or if the powers that be have shut it down or if the weather has reclaimed the place. I know who the figures were – the man in red (as in new gold) is Raphael. The women in blue are Gabriel. The straight as an arrow comment was probably Michael (sight unseen). Uriel is the person in the green jumper.

For my public notes, I won’t mention the event I learned of in the morning, but I am fairly sure Habakkuk’s Prayer was the allegory supposed to be used here. The Koran map makes no sense of it.