WordPress reminded me it had been two weeks since the last post, and someone had asked me “Are you still blogging?” I had wanted to put up a post about magic squares and re-working all the Agrippa seals to what was, in my opinion, probably closer to some folio somewhere which might have been lost long ago. It was completely unsubstantiated – I believe that Agrippa copied what he had and that what he copied was a bit wonky, but there’s no evidence of any “lost squares” in his work. What I would be working through was unique to me and would represent original work (and I hope someone will say “that looks familiar”…). I started with that project and had the dream, which was actually when my aunt died, which we found out that morning. I quickly took those two posts (which were drafts earlier) and finished them out, possibly giving them less attention than I should, and made plans to travel for her funeral. Fast forward through that, and I get back to work to find out my boss suddenly resigned, and the team was getting folded into a different team. This is one of the reasons why long term political magic tends to be scary; I think this is the culmination of that effort.

Looking forward, once I get back settled at the office, I do plan on doing that third squares post.