Opened by LBRP, QC, LIRH. Sol of Sol. I had been neglecting things, given the travel and the academia and while the travel was required for the family, I don’t want to be an armchair magician. Getting wrapped up in magic squares is interesting but largely masturbation. People gripe about the Golden Dawn ceremonial magical toys being “too much stuff” and I think there’s a real mental danger to getting far too engrossed in the mental games of magic.

I was having a conversation with D, and I was trying to intimate the idea that a ceremonial magician is not a witch because they don’t try to impose their will on the universe from scratch, but rather “surfs” the universe (the Monad) for the opportunity to impose. Sort of like how a single broken wheel on a shopping cart renders the whole thing useless and annoying, it is far better to regard the Watchmaker’s hand and apply your Will there at the opportunity to shuffle life how you desire. There’s entire essays to be written here. It is glory unto the Monad to observe and apply the secrets of creation.

That being said, Sol was ignoring me. The grandest thoughts in the world, a veritable Greek choir singing the praises, and the stone before me bore no face, no angel, and no presence. It remained a cold rock. Had I transgressed against creation? Was I simply too upset at being on call, the recent reorganization at work, and the death in the family?

I had considered lighting a pipe and sitting for awhile, but I decided perhaps the problem was that I had spent too much time soaking in the mundane. Travel plans, money problems, over-activity at work. WWUAD*? After some poppers and aggressive S&M, he would proscribe meditation. Nothing came.

I became worried.

Finally after a bit of intoning Uriel and trying to get ahold of the HGA for guidance, I sort of felt like the answer was the Prayer of the Neophyte. I sort of had an idea of what I wanted but I couldn’t find it. Finally I found the Neophyte Ritual in one of my books. Of course, the answer is the question. I opened my eyes to the crystal glowing bright as the sun.

“How do I teach this class?”

The question is the answer. Or rather everything leading up to the question. Magic teaches by experience, always.

I quote: “What does the black color of your robe symbolize?”


“What is your insignia of the office?”

“The Sword and the Banner of the West” (Note – EXARP is the Air of the East. Is it a blind? It is EXARP who’s “Hands are in the East” but this implies he stands in the West if you’re familiar with Golden Dawn floor play. This is very important since EXARP has granted me providence several times).

“What does the banner of the West symbolize?”


“What does the Sword symbolize?”

“Severity and Judgement” (and intellectualism, and division, and air)…

And so it becomes clear, RR had commented that the class was six months worth of work. D said he was utterly lost with the material. Other people want to know, but they have no background for it. As I am wearing the black robe now, rekindling the fires at the throne, they don’t even know the throne or the fire. How shall I teach them?

(Dismissal of the spirit – reflection).

Of course, I didn’t believe RR when he said people lack the background for this stuff, so of course I had to go call up a bunch of spirits and be shown. I probably should have guessed based on the volume of email I receive almost daily asking for book suggestions and such that people sort of know whats out there but want broader exposure. Also there’s a fair big of “help me win the lottery” but I am firmly convinced those people don’t read my blog. Anyway herein lies A GREAT SECRET – the email thing could go either way, and it is a largely inconsiderate perspective that these people merely want book suggestions and that a broad overview of material would somehow inspire them to look around. More on the point, they probably think I’m busy (my schedule is bursty, sometimes I am, sometimes I am not) and don’t have time to do more than book suggestions, and that’s actually a really nice thing that people are trying to bootstrap without inconveniencing others. I think some degree of stratification is in order – maybe do two classes. One for totally new people who have no idea what’s going on, and one for people looking to tune up their game or share ideas. Is it six months worth of material? Probably not. Is there room for people who, like myself, are largely self made HACKERS OF MAGIC? Sure.

*What Would Uncle Al Do?