I missed this when it came out on the winter solstice, but I figured it would be a fun thought exercise with the class coming up soon anyway. The link has been popping up on Facebook because the IO9 RSS Feed is terrifically broken.

12th of DEC 2010 was the winter solstice, and the darkest night in 500 years. For my local time, 1:32am to 2:41am was the period of the eclipse. Now here’s a neat thing – the news story which published the eclipse news used the word “tonight”. There is the first gotcha, their “tonight” is really 13-DEC-2010’s morning.

To check on the moon, we use Lunarium. I actually like Vronsky and Globa, so I have no problem using Lunarium’s Lunar Day (8). But the Lunar mansion is number 28. Why are there suddenly 28 mansions? Because at one point, there were either 27 or 28 divisions depending on who someone asked. The Chinese and Arabic mansions both have 28, but if you pick up a book with the Vedic mansions, there might only be 27. Does it change the associations much? Not really. If we look at where all the charts agree, we end up at Gamma Cervi – the wing of the crow. The symbology is “between Mars and Saturn”.

So now we need to know what planetary hour we would be working in if we wanted to work. Another gotcha – most of the software, lunarium included, accepts gregorian dates but the results don’t always make sense. In this case if we were looking for Monday, we find that Monday starts at 7am, which makes sense since planetary days start their light hours at sunrise. Since we’re before sunrise, we have to rewind a day. Jupiter rules 1:03am to 2:16am, but Mars rules 2:16am to 3:30am. While we could peg it as either/or, the moon is turning a deep, deep crimson for this and I think the associations are more strongly tilted towards Mars? But lets check that!

If we run the chart, we can make two observations. The first is that Mars isn’t combust, but its darn close. Mars also won’t be visible, being near the sun, which will be on the other side of the Earth from me. On the other hand, Jupiter is near the moon, and the moon is being eclipsed. Jupiter will then appear brighter than it normally would in the night sky. The previous assumption? Out the window. This is why it is important to run the chart before doing anything with magic. If I had to pick one to go with, I would say that Jupiter will be way stronger in influence than Mars after seeing the chart.

So did anything significant happen around that date? Checking wikipedia for December 2010, Julian Assange’s lawyer released a statement on Sunday, and then Monday, the US ruled the “buy or fine” portion of Obamacare was unconstitutional. Perhaps in an amusing far-view on this, the “buy or fine” became “buy or pay the tax”, and became one of the most divisive topics in the nation.

Of course it is easy to make predictions, after the fact.