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Finally something I can write about. I don’t particularly mind writing for my wife or myself, especially because we’re magically integrated enough that this whole thing has become the “house religion”.

My wife has finals today, she wanted some spring in her step, so she went to work up Jupiter and… she’s not so good at the time telling. She reported she accidentally performed the evocation on the hour of Saturn. I didn’t really get to quiz her much but from what I gather, things fully fizzled anyway. The bad news is she petitioned the spirit anyway, which isn’t really something I think should have been done given that she clearly didn’t have a strong presence (or test the spirit). Despite dressing the altar in the appropriate colors, burning the appropriate incense, and using the right candles, she didn’t set the table of practice to Jupiter and I found it set to Saturn. I think that when people make “mistakes” in ritual, it still adds to the flavor. In this case, I really do think leaving the magical table set to saturn either happened as a “pay attention, you’re doing it wrong” or provided enough umph to get her over the hump. More importantly, she had to pick the entire kit up to put down the right colors on the altar, which means that she put down the table in the correct position even though she didn’t intend to do so. The room did not, for what it’s worth, have a presence when I walked in, but the candles were also fully extinguished. I meant to ask about that but she ran off for the test.

Looking at todays lunar calendar, it happens to be an “auspicious day”, but we can’t control when the finals are so even were it not I still would have put together the temple kit. The same goes for astrological influences, Mercury is absolutely dominating the chart and Jupiter is exalted. I briefly considered constructing a talisman but I wasn’t setup to do any metalworking. I did, however, easily get ahold of the spirit. This may also be because of a random act of kindness. One of the homeless guys around work actually asked me for food instead of money, so I bought him a sandwich. It was completely done on a whim, but I was so used to being asked for cash that I was completely surprised when he asked for food and then let me pick the place. We just went to the first cafe I saw, it wasn’t anything special, but he even looked bad for a homeless person.

Opened by QC, LIRP, LIRH, Archangels, QC. Pretty much yelled the whole thing, it felt really good. The QC did not provide any specific visuals.

I was floating over a tree of life which was acting like an elevator does when it moves between floors. Malkuth lit up, then a bell, then Netzach, then a bell, then Chesed. When Chesed lit up, there was a bell, and I was floating over a sea of orange. A blue island presented itself and I descended to it. The hall had an orange floor, blue brickwork, orange sconces, and they held torches. In the hall itself were pictures of Mercury, statues, and so on but no spirit. Eventually I came upon Zeus holding Poseidon’s trident, very much like the Zeus statue on the table but with the trident instead of lightning. I made the sign of Jupiter and the spirit perked up from the sofa it was laying on. The exchange was faster than normal, a lot less wordy these days and more like trading concepts. To paraphrase:

Are you Odin? (Attempt to force a cloak on the spirit). This has no effect. Odin, for me, is not Jupiter at this time.

Was it appropriate for my wife to work with Saturn? The moment I thought ‘Saturn’ the saturn spirit came into the room. I quickly made the sign of Jupiter again and it went away. It’s been super fucking creepy recently, and I’m not sure if it’s getting more intense because of regular work or if it’s getting more intense because something is about to happen.

“Saturn is the Lord of endings and beginnings. The Lord of long changes, the Lord of the Pathing. Since these are ‘finals’, it was not. But the Lord will not help you, the Lord merely decides outcomes”.

I took this to mean that it would be appropriate to petition Saturn to help her work to a goal, but that getting to the goal might range anywhere from an exemplary effort on her part to merely passing these tests.

Can you help her get good grades?

“We can!” The Mercury statue and Zeus answer me at once.

Thank you for taking care of us through these.

“This is not a problem, I am the Lord of Plenty.” (Gold coins appears in the room). “And today is the day of our friend!” (Statue of Mercury is indicated).

Thanks for the career help also.

“That was not me, that was them.” He gestures towards the sky. In the sky are thousands of wispy beings. Not quite angels but beings of smoke. They fly around a concealed star who’s rays shine through them and give them a shimmering, iridescent quality. I watched these for a little bit and it occurred to me that they were some form of Enochian (Galactic) spirits. Literally, a choir of Angels.

But thanks, I know this was a team effort.

A nod from the spirit.

What do you want in offering?

A black bag appears, and in the black bag are those chocolate coin things. Since I’m trying to maintain a diet, I’ll give them to my kids or maybe hand them out.

The coins are unremarkable except that it has an eight pointed compass on the face of it. I’ve learned that being “handed” astral items usually means I’m supposed to inspect it or “give” it to someone, so I fared from the temple to the classroom where my wife sat at one of those crappy half-desks they give to students and slipped it into her pocket. The flood appeared to be white linoleum with black faux marble streaks, it’s strange enough it’s worth an ask as to the authenticity of the vision.

The spirit appears to be eating grapes the size of figs when I get back. I thank the spirit and dismiss the spirit.