Excuse the English, the man I correspond with is not a native English speaker, and I have none of his French.

Please can you explain these things to me okay.

1.   I will like to know if the law of Karma deals with all people of certain people?

2.   How can you release yourself from Karma law?

3.   What are the purpose of Karma law?

4.   Does Karma law deal with only love?

5.   What the curse of Karma law?

6.   What happen to those who do not know about Karma law?

7.   What happen to those who know about Karma law?

Please I wanted to ask you this questions long time.

1.   IF you are about to do a ritual and you put an offer on the alter like things that the Spirit love, If you finish the ritual what will you do with the
       offering that you put on the alter and the water as well?

2.   Again if you read your request to the Spirit and you put it on the alter.  after you finish the ritual what will you do with the request that you  put 
      on the alter? 

I don’t really believe in new-age karma ideas. I feel like there’s a slight bias in the universe towards good things happening to good people and bad things happening to bad people as in hermeticism, but there’s no “give a guy a sandwich and win the lotto” sort of karmic law. You will find it easier to do spiritual evocations to higher spirits if you’re compassionate and kind, and similarly if you’re mean and impolite, lower spirits will work better for you.
I do believe we’re all manifestations of God experiencing itself, so when someone is mean to someone else, there is no karmic debt in the new-age sense because the person being being mean is God being mean to another part of God who is the victim.
This sounds like it’s an argument for “do whatever you want”, but it’s really a choice – people who are mean and self serving are working towards worldly pleasures, and, frankly, everyone is going to die of old age or otherwise and they leave behind their body. If people are self serving the pleasures of their body, where does that put them in the afterlife?
Anyway, the ritual kit consumables should always be disposed of in a natural setting. Throw the water outside your house, completely burn the paper or whatever else you used. Or, think of it this way, we’re all people, the same way all paper is all paper (to an extant) or all wood is all wood (in a general sense). What makes us difference is what we experience, and our intelligence and emotions. When you’re done with ritual material, when the materials are done their magical lives, you should treat them how you would a person. Do you bury your dead? Bury the ritual material. Do you cremate? You should cremate your material. If we’re all God experiencing itself subjectively, then the material is every bit as holy as ourselves and should be treated as such.