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I think I hit an all-time high in “likelihood of turning people into toads”. I was on call last week and in typical techie fashion I’m expected to get my projects done and keep the place running. It’s typically a lose-lose. What really made this a magical shot-across-the-bow was the DBAs. Those guys I had decided to try to get soft landings for? I restored a crashed database (“they don’t do open source”). They approached me asking about some commands which I felt was an informational query and I answered all their questions. About 15 minutes later, my phone is buzzing again. Turns out they were not just asking informational questions, they went right back to their desk and ran that stuff in the middle of the day. Did I mention they were going on vacation tomorrow? I wasn’t going to be That Guy who mentions that they appealed to God and Management to keep their loathsome selves employed, but I’m starting to have second thoughts about it.

That really prompted a lot of soul searching for the duration of the week. I was absolutely sure that I was angry enough that I could call up the worst of the worst and smote their keyboards from beneath their hands. On the other hand, the whole previous operation was performed in the spirit of mercy, and the test of the spirit of mercy is to provoke severity. Up until now this had been stated but untested. This was probably the test. The very important takeaway here on the magical lesson is that this was clearly a test of will and intent. Had I neither the will nor the intent to actually effect a spirit of mercy on the entire thing I would have given to the severity solution. I’m sort of surprised it took this long to come around but that’s my typical experience with Enochian anyway – it tends to play very long games.

The rest of the week went south just as badly. I was doing the “Dad thing” and thought I had seasonal allergies while taking care of the kids, picking up their new pets, etc. Turns out I had a full blown upper respiratory tract infection, probably from getting worn down from the on call disaster. This was after I had volunteered to help some folks with life problems magically since he was getting no traction at all. It’s hard enough to get into the groove when redlined on cough syrup, but throw a hacking cough in there and meditation is just about impossible.

To further complicate this, it occurred to me that if I’m worn down and sick, what does that do for someone who I am intentionally interacting their life? I am not saying he’s going to get an aggressive upper respiratory tract infection, but I do think that it’s likely that magical action which would connect us would also serve to connect us in every way. If I am sick or prone to ill health, that goes down the wire just as much as any other work I do. I think probably even moreso than any work I do – I try to create a “clean” space with my rituals as does any magician, and I have been unsuccessful at banishing the sickness. Trust me if I could do it without my insurance co-pay, I would. But if I can’t banish the sickness, it’s going to come with me whatever I do and color any work I perform, so it would be best to keep to myself until I feel better.

But I did try! Two nights ago I was not running on all 8 and woke up at some time in the morning. I vaguely remember saying a prayer to someone, pretty much begging for some relief. I do remember dreaming about the color red, but that’s a passing association at best and not really a strong enough association for me to count it as anything more than subconscious action. Needless to say, I got some relief that night, but nothing which compared to the sweet sweet advances of modern antivirals.

What does the readership think? Do magic for people while sick? Magician, heal thyself?