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I walked into the ritual room, of all things because I was looking for a roll of tape and wasn’t sure where it had made off to and suspected it was in there. The ritual room has all sorts of arts and crafts in it so the room is a likely place for something as mundane as a roll of carelessly lost tape.

The moment I walked in I definitely got the sense of being observed. At this point I actually avoid going into the ritual room unless actually performing a ritual, so I don’t know what possessed me to look for tape in there. However, I did. I stopped for a moment to meditate and try to figure out what was going on. After a small span of sitting, I had the impression of a glowing golden orb. The orb was made out of red-gold, and held about it a flame like a mantle in a lamp. It was hot and liquid. It was the sun.

I had no signs with which to test the spirit, so everything after here is pure botch.

Give me your name.


Ha, got you. Raphael isn’t the sun, Raphael is Mercury! I got up and didn’t address the thing any further.

Curiosity got the better of me about 15 minutes later when I also remembered quoting Liber Resh to someone over their facebook post about the Solstice. Raphael is the sun in the Munich Manual. Well, I dun screwed up.

So, thickheadedness aside, I know what I’m supposed to be doing on Sunday. Sunday at 10pm is my hour and day of Sol. Raphael as Sol is something which will kick off flame wars in the ceremonial magic community like there is no tomorrow. Why, for instance, would I even believe Raphael as the sun had any sort of interest? Why even trust the spirit? It comes down to attributions. The Munich Manual puts Raphael as the Sun, which as others have noticed, also switches the seals. Arabic texts tend to agree that Raphael is the Sun. Context becomes important. Is Raphael the Sun? He is if he wants to be. Lets see if this has other attribution. 777 puts Raphael as Mercury and Michael as Sol (pp 31, pp 38). Thelemapedia (to it’s credit) will cite Crowley but does not fall into the trap of Appeal to Authority and make him the last word. Wikipedia? Surprisingly underdocumented.

Now, the fun starts. Usually the Big Three agree on Angels, etc. Crowley, Judaic texts and Christian texts put Raphael as Mercury for all intents and purposes. Islam? Raphael is Israfil, the Burning One. It could be as simple as being summoned into the room and presumably to do magic, but it also could be a prompt for a message.

Guess we’ll find out!