The tape was right where I expected it to be – which is to say that the first time I went hunting about for it the tape was not present in its proscribed place. Normally when stuff goes missing it tends to turn up a short while later but when it reappears exactly where I expected it to be, I tend to learn towards the supernatural. There isn’t a huge use of painting tape around here except to paint and put up air conditioners, and no-one has painted. Nor are any of the air conditioners put up with blue tape.

Not really knowing what the spirit wanted, I decided to dress the altar simply. Yellow cloth for the sun, solar incense in a simple (gold) thurible, and a shewstone. For dinner, I had a pickle and some cheese. Living in modern times is quite nice. Since the previous spirit appeared as a blazing ball, but I wasn’t really willing to set my house on fire, I opted for the cloudy shewstone on top of a yellow bit of paper which gave a similar and nice effect. I put out yellow candles. Stealing a page from Asterion, I did a quick purification and on a bit of cardstock I put down what I understood was the seal of Raphael (which is Michael’s seal according to the post). As it would be, the Sun is in Cancer at the moment and not Leo, but I’m a huge proponent of day-and-hour trumping most other observations. If I could get the Sun in Leo on the Day and Hour, I might even invest in that golden orb.

As the time grew close the normal magical resistance picked up. My son complained he couldn’t sleep, my daughter stirred, my phone rang. As always, I suspect there’s a low level of spirit concerned with keeping the status quo and while a portal in time isn’t going to open to have Hitler slash your tires – there are days I wonder. I put the kids to bed again.

I walked into the room, got the blowtorch working on the coal, and did the QC, LIRP, LIRH, and QC. Lit the candles and incense.

Vibrated RA-PHAI-EL until it was suitably smokey and incensed.

I really liked having the seal stood up under the crystal (the stand is tall), the candle light made it faintly glow. At first something like a rod appeared in the crystal, and I wasn’t sure what that meant. After a while of intoning the name I got a face like Winston Churchhill, sharply dressed in a suit. The spirit tested well by signs.

What had happened was the moment I announced I was going to contact the spirit tonight, I got a laundry list of people who had health related issues and wanted magical help. I figured if the operation of the art is to Glorify God and Comfort Man, then I would cover these. The rough outline is I petitioned the angel for help, for each ailment I would rub the part of my body until I felt “disconnected” from it, which was the healing. For one of these people I was given a very specific salve to make using a plant I happen to know about in the woods cut at the first light of dawn touching the patch.

But, since I have to poke around…

Is today the correct day to call on you in this form?

“Today is a day for a form. I will come when called.”

Why Winston Churchhill?

(Gestures towards bald head, the scalp glows – ok I get it).

How should I go about petitioning this healing?

(Given the instructions above generally, for rubbing the body). “But ask each person individually.”

Skipping several people.

What about [name]?

The spirit here specifically mentioned two things for two people. One person served “a foreign god” which I hadn’t heard before but it’s entirely possible they’re a closeted Muslim or something, the second person had setup very general magical wards and so the instructions were: “cut the plant at dawn, put it into a food processor to make paste, you may freeze it until you give it to her”. The plant is quite common around here and it is known for being a good topical pain reliever, but specifically I was shown to prepare it and also write the Angel’s seal on the bag with lemonjuice. I typically try to seed it whenever I go out hunting since medicinal plant patches are always a good thing to try to keep around.

What else do you govern?

I was shown a variety of plant and animal illnesses, but as none of my plants or animals are sick at the moment, I didn’t have to ask. Also I have no idea how I would become a peach but I suppose that’s another question for another day if the need arises.

I did my work, thanked the spirit, and closed the temple.