Aaron Leitch, all around neat person and author, recently posted a link to the Enochian Facebook Group asking if anyone knew what it was. Being an internet detective (read: “being marginally better at winning at google”) I put it into google image search and poked around. One of the frustrating things about facebook is that it doesn’t preserve original links, so a normal ‘view source’ doesn’t produce anything useful.

The document looked right in the low resolution facebook version, I could imagine it being a draft copy of The Great Table or similar. The caption the user attached to it read that it was part of the “Enochian Library of the Vatican” (unlikely) but it did have a Vatican library stamp in the corner of the reproduction. If it was a document delivered by Angels themselves, I’m thinking that the Vatican wouldn’t have stamped it let alone reproduced it for general perusal.

Anyway, turns out that there was a monk named Raban Maur and he lived in the 9th century. The whole story is less than interesting at first brush because of how neat the art is… WAIT HE FED 300 PEOPLE PER DAY? Where did all that food come from?

Well it turns out that’s a lot less magical and a lot more “run of the mill”. This guy apparently handed out meals to the poor and sick as a service, but a ‘starting’ monastery could service up to 3000 people. I don’t mean to say that it doesn’t represent incredible effort – it absolutely does – but I do mean to say that my first thought that this Monk had somehow run into the precursor of Enochian magic was incorrect. I did learn a lot about monasteries and enjoyed the reading.

While the translation through google uses the word “encryption” the manuscripts the monk produced don’t seem to be particularly enciphered except for the neat poems themselves. Is it a cipher? Not in the traditional sense that people accuse John Dee of, but the work is beautiful on it’s own.