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Thanks to everyone who wrote me “thanks” and offered to do healings in their own way. I recently had a chance to spend some time with my family and a good amount of time just wandering around the woods and my soul is soothed and my constitution restored from the experience.

Stuff that didn’t work: Too many requests. I felt obligated to help everyone, and that’s a trap. While it’s noble to try to heal the world, there’s only so much your average working class magician can accomplish. The big problem with that is, aside of me burning out, the magic starts to feel generic. It’s like people praying as children, “Jesus please help Ron, Bill, Mark, Rick, John, Frank, Don, Richard, the other Richard, Bill who goes by William, and Chad with their herpes…” OK it’s great that they’re getting mentioned, but really, how much magic is actually going to those people? Maybe it’s just me, but when I go to the Doctor’s office, I expect the Doctor’s individual time. The whole thing sort of wandered into cheap territory. I did make a few pit stops for people who I felt had it particularly bad or had some illness I felt hit close to home, but overall, I felt like I could have done better.

Stuff that did work: A select few people actually took time to write me back, and out of those, a few of them (two) wrote me to say they actually could chart their improvements. That’s really encouraging. I kept sparse notes on who I was doing what for and anything which stood out to me in particular, but feedback is a serious help for divination and working in general. I really do appreciate feedback.