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I finished putting together the Astarte altar yesterday. The altar has it’s own dedicated stand about the circumference of a basketball, and it is covered in a green cloth. Behind her are roses in one of those foam cones, to spread out their leaves as a backdrop and give an impression of an arch of roses above her. In front lays roses in bloom, spread over seashells. Finally there’s an offering dish in front of that, which can hold a candle (rose scented) or whatever I deem appropriate. I may also put an oil diffuser in there. The statue itself is one of the classic renditions of Venus, sort of similar to the paintings which put her on a seashell, but she’s holding doves and other bird imagery. It doesn’t photograph well, not as I compare it to my recollection.

It sounds wonderfully mundane to write it out but it is absolutely inspiring in a darkened room. Its fairly rare that I put together some arts and crafts where I can sit there in silence and enjoy the effect, but after the last post on the Heart, I was thoroughly intoxicated if for a moment on the wonderful effect of the light, scent, and flowers. For future efforts I think some rose incense cones would be the way to fly. I’m fairly big on having the incense match the visuals of whatever we’re working with and Astarte is no exception. Roses conjure up romance and love and the scent is significant to us from an early age, so it certainly makes a strong candidate.

I was going to try to post a quote from Crowley, something about silence being the most pure form of worship and I can certainly understand why. The same for (depending on who you ask) the first or last Enochian key being silence. The Key of Silence is that push onto the astral which cannot be expressed or complimented by words, thoughts, or actions. Certainly the initial appreciation of the altar is absolutely a nod towards that key. Dumbfounded and awestruck literally at the experience, it is all encompassing and pure joy.

Trying to google for the quote, I ran into Crowleys Vision and Voice.

Stuff to track down later – 14 is Mot? 12 is Baal? 2 is Astarte Properly? It’s very back of the envelope at the moment but I feel like Crowleys vision of it could be lined up for some neat insights and interests. Specifically 2 speaks to me directly with Thors hammer and references to the archetypes. Again, not OTA cannon, but food for thought.