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Oh now I’m in a bit of a pickle. At work, we just bought another large company which does exactly the same thing we do. Normally in tech the acquisitions are such one larger company gobbles up a smaller company and treats the smaller company as a team. That would be great, but this was another top shelf company in the same industry and it pretty much doubled the size of our company. Problem now is, beancounters on both sides are taking a long hard look at everyone. My boss turned in his resignation for the coming months. Another guy who was manager of the next product line over was fired. Folks are giving impassioned, “morale building” speeches, but are conspicuously using the word “resources” instead of “people”. It’s always easier to call it a duplication of “resources”, right?

Going back to tried and true and familiar methods, I got out the Planetary Magick book and started flipping around. The front half the book is a very IIH sort of catalog and experiences thing. The middle of the book covers actual archetypical evocation, and then the end of the book has some fun stuff. Specifically I saw Aumn-Ra as being attributed to Thursday, so I took that and said “wait this is Sunday, why not Augmn-Ra for Sunday, hour of Jupiter?” So I did.

The altar was simply the Table of the Art, with a black crystal ball in it, two white pillars on either side, jupiter candle to backlight the ball (angle is important, I wanted a halo of light and a hint of color), and then the incense thurible in front of it with my last coal in it because we’ve taken to smoking too much hookah here.

Opened the temple OTA style, because it’s the new hotness, except my altar top is being repainted so I just threw the Table of the Art on top of the crossed legs. I then opened by KC, LIRP, Invoking Septagram, and archangels who I visualized facing me in a column of white light. Totally kvlt.

I then read the Denning and Philips work, and chanted the name for 15 minutes while listening to some sweet, sweet tracks some of the OTA folks had shared. I’m getting into chants and mantras.

I was going to drum but the kids were napping so I just opted to keep the party in my head. After about 15 minutes I suddenly had a feeling of the serpent upon my brow, and then before me in my astral sight I had two columns of serpents spring up. We moved down a corridor. It was daylight, and not particularly pleasant but the space was “tall”. The bricks were brilliant white and nicely finished, which gave the impression of “well manicured” but otherwise there weren’t many notable features of this space except for “balanced” work. Two columns, two trees, two fruits on the tree, two tracks on the ground as though for a cart or train. Eventually I came upon an Ibis looking fellow who was holding a scroll and a quill. I was worried this was a false spirit – Aumn-Ra is a different bird altogether and I happen to be re-reading The Divine Pymander. Tested the spirit by signs, and the spirit responded positively, so whatever. I do tend to think these guys use whatever happens to be laying around in your head at the moment to co-opt imagery, so I decided “bird deity” was OK with the signs.

Gave the welcome.

“I would really like to continue working in my current career, can that be done?” Just a small flash of “no” and then quite a bit of “yes” nodding. Typical spirit nonanswer I thought, so I tested it by more signs, and it didn’t seem to respond too much but certainly did not react negatively.

May I continue working in my current career?” Yes. 

“Will this be profitable and enjoyable for me?” Not initially, but then it will be OK.

“Can you please make it profitable and enjoyable for me?” No/Yes again.

“If this is not possible, please prepare for me a place where I can continue to pay the bills for my family and child.” This can be done.

“But it’s quite painful to change jobs, and it would upset my family.” (This is new, the spirit gave me the impression that prayers for my family are much more potent than prayers for myself). “I would like to, at best, make peace with the higher ups and keep the job even if it’s a bit painful than put my kids through relocation.” I can do this.

“Please safevouch the job for the sake of my family.” (a nod).

Thanked the spirit, offered more incense, and closed the temple OTA style with the KC, LBRP, banishing septagram, and the archangels evoked facing outward.

Edit: My boss just called to have me take a look at an issue literally right when I was finishing this post up. You can’t make this stuff up.