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The OTA stuff finally gelled to the point where we raised enough money to fly Poke Runyon himself and Zandria out here to conduct initiations. In a really fortunate stroke of luck and generosity, we actually raised more money for them then merely the cost of the flight. I think this is mostly a result of keeping things low drag and grassroots. If this were the OTO and we would be required to have non-residential temple space to have more than an encampment (I may be reversing the terms, it’s been awhile), I feel like the financial drain would have made this a total no-go. Not having the overhead of anything except our own houses and maybe breakfast and spaghetti dinners for a few folks means a maximal amount of money can be applied to their travel expenses and “hobo fund”. I’m pretty psyched about it honestly, the Hermetic Hour has been a huge influence on me personally for what to read or do next, and it turns out the OTA community is reasonably well connected online and not too hung up on the whole “secret society” image.

(Yeah I realize I’ve had about 50 emails asking for the password to the blog posts, some stuff is secret after all, right?)

Also on the project list, I finally just said to heck with it and bought three fountain pens similar to this one from China. The goal is to take ink, consecrate it, and add a very small amount of herbs or flowers sacred to a particular spirit and make ink for making kameas of planets and such. If the pens are washable (enough) and don’t clog, one pen will do. If the pens aren’t really washable, at $5 a pop, it’s easy enough to buy literally enough pens to have one for each day of the week and a general fluid condenser pen. I’m pretty happy with the idea and for $15 it’ll be a fun experiment.