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I get now what was happening on the last big evocation I did.

Turns out when the deal fell through (THANKS OBAMA), me and the rest of the support staff were very quietly sacked. Astute readers will probably be able to figure out where I was working, and co-workers will probably be shocked that I was actually the guy running the blog.

But, soft landings – I was hired a few weeks later into a new company doing the exact same roll for the exact same pay. This sort of sounds like it sucks – especially when considering the stock and the fact that I worked at the old place for three+ years which in technology is virtually retirement age. However, since I’m not paying city wage tax or investing two hours a day traveling and paying $200+ a month for a rail pass, it starts to look better. In fact, it’s a 7% raise just because of the wage tax, and I can bicycle to work. I ended up getting literally hours of my life back a day, I can see my wife and kids over lunch, and not paying $200+ a month plus gas expenses just to get to the train are really quite a bit of money in my pocket. How much? My truck payments are less than the money I’m saving not buying the rail pass. I’m now essentially driving, for free. Also everyone at work vapes, which is quite nice, and has kids, so they “get it” when it comes to peripheral stuff.

Now, there’s a lesson in everything. Life is not easy street. I can point to a place I clearly screwed up. I am always telling my wife when she does this stuff with me that Crowley was famous for harping on precision in language, and would mail people dictionaries. When I got ahold of Ibis Aum-Ra, I didn’t use the term “job”, I said “career”. My career is (currently) DevOps. For folks not in the know, it’s a systems engineer who also writes quite a bit of code. I use python, all day every day. Snake imagery is how the vision opened. Having a career is a big road. Having a new job, which is parallel to the old job, is like those two wagon wheel tracks. And peace with the higher ups was granted, HR complimented me on my conduct (apparently other folks were livid) and I was “first in line for a rehire”. I opted not to take it because it came with a pay-cut, but point being, the spirit was correct. Also I am struck by how I kept notes on sunlight in the vision. It was so bright it was hard to see. Ego is the sun (in a lot of ways in Western society, money is solar because our bank accounts are confused with our measure of worth as people), and for the longest time I had held my hopes on getting re-hired and really threw the current offer onto the back burner. Had I decided to give it serious sway instead of chasing stock options, or fiery gold in the sky out of reach, it would have been easier on me. But ultimately what swayed me was the family time, getting two hours a back each day not fighting the trains into the city (again with the rail images) has vastly improved the home life.

So, that settles that. Onward and upward. Know thyself for thou art God.