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If you are at least an Associate Member of the OTA you can view the post on their site with multimedia. I have stripped the pictures and video out of this post.

Special thanks to V for hosting us!

The seasonal started out with meeting the three new folks and two new kids who joined us this time out. One of them wanted to keep in touch so they signed the guest book, the other two I simply noted down as +2. There was enough food and drink there everyone was completely stuffed by the time the ritual got going. With the kids, we ate first since they were hungry.

After some grazing we had an arts-and-crafts period for the kids. The children were going to be included this time as “Mot’s Minions” – for the death of the year king Mot would cut the wheat while the kids assaulted Baal, in addition to the normal kid stuff of ringing bells, playing drums, and throwing rose petals everywhere. V actually hit this one out of the ballpark by having a kids table with magic markers with pre-cut skulls. Where this went from fun to awesome was he also made all the ritual weapons out of cardboard and handed them to the kids to paint, so we had a painted wheat by the kids, a painted scythe, a painted dagger, sword, and torch. The kids really had a ball putting it together.

Did I also mention it was pouring rain? Poke has been doing rain magic for cali and out of any night it could have rained, it poured, the entire day. Day before? Not raining. Today? Not raining. Day of? Pouring. Talk about the OTA egregore coming to visit…

My son also made a septagram, which was pretty cool too.

The new folks wanted to play some parts, initially one of the guys volunteered to be Baal just for the cool hat, but eventually decided to play drums. Another new person wanted to play Astarte, so we quickly shuffled the scripts and I assumed Vine while my wife assumed Field. It was too late to memorize all that stuff but the new folks hadn’t even heard of the OTA so we were working from script anyway. One of our closeted regulars was originally going to Decon but after hearing her “Game of Thrones” narrator voice we pressed her into service of Mot while V took Baal. Odos as usual was done in round fashion with one person reading each paragraph of narration.

The kids ran around the circle shaking bells and beating drums and finally the moment came to slay the Green Man. The kids really couldn’t contain themselves and the slaying came early, with foam swords (pipe insulation) and hand-made paper pommels. I would have grabbed a photo of this but none of the swords survived. Baal is slain!