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Two years ago I wrote about Syria, and at the time it was the Syrian civil war which in America, we thought was largely an extension of the war in Iraq, and not much had shaken out of the situation as of yet. Certainly we hadn’t seen anything from the refugee crisis yet or Europe’s response. “Arthur” left me a note the other day simply saying “thanks”, which drug my attention back to the post. Honestly I was looking at local problems here and it didn’t even cross my mind that the post still existed, or that I even had written anything on the topic.

I’ve sort of come around to having a weird crisis where I seem to be decent at prognostication but the resolution never improves. It’s easy these days to move the rocks around and change the flow, it’s harder to anticipate the flow, it’s much harder to look at strange rivers and see their flows. It’s like a train, traveling at a good pace. I pass by apartments and storefronts and catch small glimpses when scrying, but never enough to really say, “I see clearly”. There are gestalt moments of that feeling when things come to fruit, but it’s merely a feeling of the passing of a round in boxing or a hole in golf. Did we make par? Did we anticipate that correctly? Did we move our pieces appropriately?

Do we understand? Yes.

Do we see? A dim glass.

Yehi or? Fiat Lux.

The spirit in that vision appeared as a bright flame, and in enochian in particular, spirits can be summoned mercifully or they can be summoned wrathfully, and it was clearly a wrathful image to be a living flame upon a throne.

The checkerboard floor is the Grand Game, although any of the standard antimasonic or Illuminati sites will make that bit obvious.

I took note of a water feature, but this isn’t particularly out of place considering the presence of the Mediterranean sea right there. I think more important is the notes on the “sense of being in two places at once”. What is a nation? Really it’s just lines on a map, and those lines have been the vexation of the middle east as a whole since the last world war. What makes a nation? The people. If the people move, so does the nation. We use terms like “little italy” or “chinatown”, but that doesn’t mean that the nations of Italy or China have any sovereignty there. Rather they recognize that the people from Italy or China have brought the national spirit with them and placed it in America. To be in two places at once was to follow the refugees from Syria to wherever they went.

The boats moving down the river are corpses, literally, corpses. We now find, in the news today, that this is actually happening. The sackcloth of saturn was a literal image – it was how corpses are wrapped. It was literal enough that it doesn’t surprise me to see the bodies washing up. It does sadden me.

The two skeletal kings have yet to reveal themselves. I suspect one is Russia, that much is obvious considering their recent military posture. I have no idea who the other one is. The mold is very likely chemical or biological weapons. I’m willing to put money on that considering how literal the sackcloth part of the vision was. Two syrias? Maybe not. Or not yet, but refugees taking syria with them? Sure.