Cotton Appendix I

This was taken from the now defunct Magickal Review site.

xlvi1_01_f0-1b xlvi1_02_f2a-8a xlvi1_03_f8b-15a xlvi1_04_f15b-16a xlvi1_05_f16b-22a xlvi1_06_f22b-29a xlvi1_07_f29b-36a xlvi1_08_f36b-43a xlvi1_09_f43b-44a xlvi1_10_f44b-50a xlvi1_11_f50b-53a xlvi1_12_f53b-58a xlvi1_13_f58b-59a xlvi1_14_f59b-65a xlvi1_15_f65b-66a xlvi1_16_f66b-73a xlvi1_17_f73b-74a xlvi1_18_f74b-80a xlvi1_19_f80b-81a xlvi1_20_f81b-86a xlvi1_21_f86b-87a xlvi1_22_f87b-88a xlvi1_23_f88b-94a xlvi1_24_f94b-95a xlvi1_25_f95b-102a xlvi1_26_f102b-108b xlvi1_27_f109a-113a xlvi1_28_f113b-118a xlvi1_29_f118b-123a xlvi1_30_f123b-128a xlvi1_31_f128b-133a xlvi1_32_f133b-138a xlvi1_33_f138b-143a xlvi1_34_f143b-148a xlvi1_35_f148b-153a xlvi1_36_f153b-158a xlvi1_37_f158b-163a xlvi1_38_f163b-168a xlvi1_39_f168b-173a xlvi1_40_f173b-178a xlvi1_41_f178b-183a xlvi1_42_f183b-188a xlvi1_43_f188b-193a xlvi1_44_f193b-198a xlvi1_45_f198b-202a xlvi1_46_f202b-206a xlvi1_47_f206b-211a xlvi1_48_f211b-216a xlvi1_49_f216b-221a xlvi1_50_f221b-226a xlvi1_51_f226b-230b

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