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Thanks to everyone who wrote me “thanks” and offered to do healings in their own way. I recently had a chance to spend some time with my family and a good amount of time just wandering around the woods and my soul is soothed and my constitution restored from the experience.

Stuff that didn’t work: Too many requests. I felt obligated to help everyone, and that’s a trap. While it’s noble to try to heal the world, there’s only so much your average working class magician can accomplish. The big problem with that is, aside of me burning out, the magic starts to feel generic. It’s like people praying as children, “Jesus please help Ron, Bill, Mark, Rick, John, Frank, Don, Richard, the other Richard, Bill who goes by William, and Chad with their herpes…” OK it’s great that they’re getting mentioned, but really, how much magic is actually going to those people? Maybe it’s just me, but when I go to the Doctor’s office, I expect the Doctor’s individual time. The whole thing sort of wandered into cheap territory. I did make a few pit stops for people who I felt had it particularly bad or had some illness I felt hit close to home, but overall, I felt like I could have done better.

Stuff that did work: A select few people actually took time to write me back, and out of those, a few of them (two) wrote me to say they actually could chart their improvements. That’s really encouraging. I kept sparse notes on who I was doing what for and anything which stood out to me in particular, but feedback is a serious help for divination and working in general. I really do appreciate feedback.


I am beat


I am beat from doing so many healings.

I refuse to accept money for magic. Period.

I am now no longer accepting healing requests.

The last one I did was trying to save some kids from Lyme Disease. It hit close to home because like many people, I’ve got it too.

I love you all, but please stop.

Kenneth Grant – Key to the Pyramid


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Submitted for your viewing pleasure, Kenneth Grant – Key to the Pyramid (or Key to Pyramid on scribd). I sometimes write on the dichotomy between ceremonial magic and wicca, I think this takes that model quite a bit further. It’s recommended reading. Hattip to KD for pointing this out to me.

I had previously written Grant off as “batshit crazy” because when Crowley calls someone batshit crazy, it probably means they’re too crazy for Crowley. That takes quite a bit of doing. The split between Grant and Crowley was over things like LAM. LAM is Crowleys butt-baby, but Grant rotated it 180 degrees and called it a space alien and the rest is history. Crowley writes a wonderful ritual, but his artwork is lost on me and has been since I encountered it.

I have been tempted to, that next time scientologists show up on my doorstep, I should invite them in and tell them I am their Secret Chief and have a sit down.

KD wanted to put together a Book 4 book club, I may take him up on that. I think the path is fairly clear between reading the Golden Dawn (pick any sourcebook or Regardi’s), then Book 4, then branch out from there. It will fairly quickly weed the Christians from the Pagans and that takes people right to the doorstep of the good stuff. Why start with the Golden Dawn? The pentagram ritual doesn’t make much sense outside of the context with which it was delivered. There is quite a leap between “health” and elemental associations. I can see how the elemental associations work and I’m fairly convinced the “health” pentagram is an outer-order thing for pythagorean orders, but everything else sandwiches somewhere between the Greeks and the Victorians. (The old rebuttal – “But… RECORDED HISTORY”).

Before I end up mired in political contests, lets take a step back. The discussion came up in my favorite enochian group about the ethereal software. I haven’t conversed with the guy, but fundamentally what he (or anyone) is doing is making a model to fit their philosophy. Philosophy is well and good by itself, but really doesn’t actually do anything until there’s a “come to Jesus” moment and people have to choose how to apply it. There’s plenty, and plenty, of Pagans, Jews, Chrisitans, Muhamadians, and so on who go to their place of worship on their days of worship and might experience some small bit of rapture, but when they come home they don’t think about applying it. When that hard decision comes up at the office, they don’t say, “What would Christ/Abraham/Moses/Mohamad/LAM do?” I do think the Protestant Christians have a leg up on the Roman Christians – WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) is more encouraging to me that people are using their brains than attending the Mass, but I think the Mass as a ritual to inspire samadhi is absolutely wonderful. Similarly attending Islamic services is just as powerful (if not moreso) because of the barbarous names. I hardly speak Arabic – I can only read a little.

To interpret these things – WWJD or Adhan – requires putting them through a cultural lens. Mohamad didn’t have loudspeakers, Jesus didn’t have the internet. Is it appropriate to worship in the style of the day the message was delivered? Similarly Crowley and Grant see things through the lens of pop-Egyptology and repressed Victorian sexual mores (seriously, it’s not always a penis) and the dawning of the information age. Of course Crowley realizes that to make space aliens into Gods it deprives him of his sun-worship and a good chunk of looking at the local solar neighborhood. Grant has no problems saying that our microcosm is the solar system. As someone who lives in a first world country where dying of rickets is unheard of, I’m sympathetic to Grants model because I frankly don’t spend much time thinking about my humors.

But, to take people through ceremonial magic, I think my preferred format of initiation would be to take them through each frame of reference for each period. If they practice or not is on them.

Speaking of, we are at the information age portion of the post. I am writing this on my computer and it is being stored on the internet, but also because I just wrote about Grant. Is someone doing an actual, legitimate interpretation of modern occult melange and leveraging older myths?

I would be shocked to hear Varg had no interest in the occult. He really outdoes the dynamic duo of neo-occultism (Crowley and Gardner) by combining the Book of the Dead with obviously pagan overtones. In the video he studies, he relates to his ancestors, he dies (figuratively) in the barn as his soul tries to escape out the netted window, he proceeds through the tunnel, he is reborn as one of the children, his ancestors guide him, he is pressed into the trial of the cave where his Gods die (the bear), and then they are restored and reborn. The film is long in tooth and definitely needs an editor but I thought it was fantastic.


Letters to Phergoph: Why Dawn?


(No-one commented on the Enochian stuff? Am I just that much of a geek?)

Why did the angel expect you to cut the plant at dawn?

A few things come to mind. For one, the plant is still dormant before dawn, so it’s not like the juices are flowing. Dawn is literally the quickening to life of that plant, and the touch of God. The second idea is that I haven’t had time to sin yet that day if I do something a few seconds into the day. If I cut the plant at dawn over a prayer and can refrain from masturbating for 10 minutes while holding oozing plants and a ritual knife, I can put the poultice into the bag and that’s taken care of. The third reason is simply precedence. Magic rods are usually cut from nut bearing trees, straight branches, and at dawn in a single stroke. It simply works.

Healing AAR and some John Dee


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The day I was going to actually use the plants I was instructed to – I went outside and found my wife had done some weeding. Of course one person’s weed is another persons blessed folk remedy, and it only dawned on me much later that the woods orchid looks a lot like a golden ball blazing with fire… I’m now going to save as many seed pods as possible since she pulled them out by the root. The angels also look a lot like a Seraph. I am currently wandering around the woods chopping down all the wild grape and looking for another patch of the stuff but the knotweed is just terrible this year. Knotweed by itself isn’t absolutely bad since the blue berries taste like… blueberries when they get really dark but it chokes the crap out of everything and nothing eats it.

Where do influences come from? That’s been a topic I’ve been rolling around in my head. I can sit here and make cabalistic connections all day in retrospect and they personally lend truth to the experience for me. Why pick an image that’s appropriate to both the angel, the cure, and the flower? I didn’t make that connection immediately. And, in the case of John Dee, sometimes people don’t make the connections for hundreds of years, including himself. Going back to Aaron Leitch’s thread, I initially dismissed it as a co-incidence. Specifically the manuscripts weren’t listed in the Giant List of Things Dee Owned, so I couldn’t place it directly into Dee’s hands. However Aaron brought up two excellent points: Dee may have made the work look like the work of an already venerated monk (attribution is fairly common practice in grimoires to avoid punishment/add legitimacy for money or fame) or Dee may have simply encountered the thing in his travels. Kelley was also well traveled, which may be how the thing ended up in his head too. And if we want to ascribe purely supernatural ideas to this phenomenon of artwork, it may be that the spiritual forces involved were paving the road for Dee’s work and Mauri simply picked up on the current or was part of that paving.

There’s those six winged angels again…

Rabanus’s complete works aren’t digitized but some folks managed to find some of the scans from various sources and upload them. They are:

Rabanus Maurus and the Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis

Rabanus Maurus and the Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis 2, BibNat, Latin 2422

Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis – Bib Espana

Tablet Precedence


Aaron Leitch, all around neat person and author, recently posted a link to the Enochian Facebook Group asking if anyone knew what it was. Being an internet detective (read: “being marginally better at winning at google”) I put it into google image search and poked around. One of the frustrating things about facebook is that it doesn’t preserve original links, so a normal ‘view source’ doesn’t produce anything useful.

The document looked right in the low resolution facebook version, I could imagine it being a draft copy of The Great Table or similar. The caption the user attached to it read that it was part of the “Enochian Library of the Vatican” (unlikely) but it did have a Vatican library stamp in the corner of the reproduction. If it was a document delivered by Angels themselves, I’m thinking that the Vatican wouldn’t have stamped it let alone reproduced it for general perusal.

Anyway, turns out that there was a monk named Raban Maur and he lived in the 9th century. The whole story is less than interesting at first brush because of how neat the art is… WAIT HE FED 300 PEOPLE PER DAY? Where did all that food come from?

Well it turns out that’s a lot less magical and a lot more “run of the mill”. This guy apparently handed out meals to the poor and sick as a service, but a ‘starting’ monastery could service up to 3000 people. I don’t mean to say that it doesn’t represent incredible effort – it absolutely does – but I do mean to say that my first thought that this Monk had somehow run into the precursor of Enochian magic was incorrect. I did learn a lot about monasteries and enjoyed the reading.

While the translation through google uses the word “encryption” the manuscripts the monk produced don’t seem to be particularly enciphered except for the neat poems themselves. Is it a cipher? Not in the traditional sense that people accuse John Dee of, but the work is beautiful on it’s own.

Raphael Part 2



The tape was right where I expected it to be – which is to say that the first time I went hunting about for it the tape was not present in its proscribed place. Normally when stuff goes missing it tends to turn up a short while later but when it reappears exactly where I expected it to be, I tend to learn towards the supernatural. There isn’t a huge use of painting tape around here except to paint and put up air conditioners, and no-one has painted. Nor are any of the air conditioners put up with blue tape.

Not really knowing what the spirit wanted, I decided to dress the altar simply. Yellow cloth for the sun, solar incense in a simple (gold) thurible, and a shewstone. For dinner, I had a pickle and some cheese. Living in modern times is quite nice. Since the previous spirit appeared as a blazing ball, but I wasn’t really willing to set my house on fire, I opted for the cloudy shewstone on top of a yellow bit of paper which gave a similar and nice effect. I put out yellow candles. Stealing a page from Asterion, I did a quick purification and on a bit of cardstock I put down what I understood was the seal of Raphael (which is Michael’s seal according to the post). As it would be, the Sun is in Cancer at the moment and not Leo, but I’m a huge proponent of day-and-hour trumping most other observations. If I could get the Sun in Leo on the Day and Hour, I might even invest in that golden orb.

As the time grew close the normal magical resistance picked up. My son complained he couldn’t sleep, my daughter stirred, my phone rang. As always, I suspect there’s a low level of spirit concerned with keeping the status quo and while a portal in time isn’t going to open to have Hitler slash your tires – there are days I wonder. I put the kids to bed again.

I walked into the room, got the blowtorch working on the coal, and did the QC, LIRP, LIRH, and QC. Lit the candles and incense.

Vibrated RA-PHAI-EL until it was suitably smokey and incensed.

I really liked having the seal stood up under the crystal (the stand is tall), the candle light made it faintly glow. At first something like a rod appeared in the crystal, and I wasn’t sure what that meant. After a while of intoning the name I got a face like Winston Churchhill, sharply dressed in a suit. The spirit tested well by signs.

What had happened was the moment I announced I was going to contact the spirit tonight, I got a laundry list of people who had health related issues and wanted magical help. I figured if the operation of the art is to Glorify God and Comfort Man, then I would cover these. The rough outline is I petitioned the angel for help, for each ailment I would rub the part of my body until I felt “disconnected” from it, which was the healing. For one of these people I was given a very specific salve to make using a plant I happen to know about in the woods cut at the first light of dawn touching the patch.

But, since I have to poke around…

Is today the correct day to call on you in this form?

“Today is a day for a form. I will come when called.”

Why Winston Churchhill?

(Gestures towards bald head, the scalp glows – ok I get it).

How should I go about petitioning this healing?

(Given the instructions above generally, for rubbing the body). “But ask each person individually.”

Skipping several people.

What about [name]?

The spirit here specifically mentioned two things for two people. One person served “a foreign god” which I hadn’t heard before but it’s entirely possible they’re a closeted Muslim or something, the second person had setup very general magical wards and so the instructions were: “cut the plant at dawn, put it into a food processor to make paste, you may freeze it until you give it to her”. The plant is quite common around here and it is known for being a good topical pain reliever, but specifically I was shown to prepare it and also write the Angel’s seal on the bag with lemonjuice. I typically try to seed it whenever I go out hunting since medicinal plant patches are always a good thing to try to keep around.

What else do you govern?

I was shown a variety of plant and animal illnesses, but as none of my plants or animals are sick at the moment, I didn’t have to ask. Also I have no idea how I would become a peach but I suppose that’s another question for another day if the need arises.

I did my work, thanked the spirit, and closed the temple.



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I walked into the ritual room, of all things because I was looking for a roll of tape and wasn’t sure where it had made off to and suspected it was in there. The ritual room has all sorts of arts and crafts in it so the room is a likely place for something as mundane as a roll of carelessly lost tape.

The moment I walked in I definitely got the sense of being observed. At this point I actually avoid going into the ritual room unless actually performing a ritual, so I don’t know what possessed me to look for tape in there. However, I did. I stopped for a moment to meditate and try to figure out what was going on. After a small span of sitting, I had the impression of a glowing golden orb. The orb was made out of red-gold, and held about it a flame like a mantle in a lamp. It was hot and liquid. It was the sun.

I had no signs with which to test the spirit, so everything after here is pure botch.

Give me your name.


Ha, got you. Raphael isn’t the sun, Raphael is Mercury! I got up and didn’t address the thing any further.

Curiosity got the better of me about 15 minutes later when I also remembered quoting Liber Resh to someone over their facebook post about the Solstice. Raphael is the sun in the Munich Manual. Well, I dun screwed up.

So, thickheadedness aside, I know what I’m supposed to be doing on Sunday. Sunday at 10pm is my hour and day of Sol. Raphael as Sol is something which will kick off flame wars in the ceremonial magic community like there is no tomorrow. Why, for instance, would I even believe Raphael as the sun had any sort of interest? Why even trust the spirit? It comes down to attributions. The Munich Manual puts Raphael as the Sun, which as others have noticed, also switches the seals. Arabic texts tend to agree that Raphael is the Sun. Context becomes important. Is Raphael the Sun? He is if he wants to be. Lets see if this has other attribution. 777 puts Raphael as Mercury and Michael as Sol (pp 31, pp 38). Thelemapedia (to it’s credit) will cite Crowley but does not fall into the trap of Appeal to Authority and make him the last word. Wikipedia? Surprisingly underdocumented.

Now, the fun starts. Usually the Big Three agree on Angels, etc. Crowley, Judaic texts and Christian texts put Raphael as Mercury for all intents and purposes. Islam? Raphael is Israfil, the Burning One. It could be as simple as being summoned into the room and presumably to do magic, but it also could be a prompt for a message.

Guess we’ll find out!


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