Sloane 3191

Taken from the now defunct Magickal Review. Note that this particular copy I believe is incomplete and if anyone has the full folio of image, I would appreciate it.

In addition to the scans below, some PDFs of missing material are available.

48 Claves or Angelic Calls

Giant Version of the Great Table

Smaller version of the Great Table

Liber Scientia

3191_01_Protocol 3191_02_48C_f1a-6a 3191_03_48C_f6b-12a 3191_04_48C_f12b-(err14b) 3191_05_Scientia1_f14a-17a 3191_06_Scientia2_f17b-18a 3191_07_Scientia3_f18b-24a 3191_08_Scientia4_f24b-30b 3191_09_Scientia5_f31a-31b 3191_10_DHM_f32a-38a 3191_11_DHM_f38b-39a 3191_12_DHM_f39b-45a 3191_13_DHM-45b-51a 3191_14_f51b-52a 3191_15_Invoc_f52b-58a 3191_16_Invoc_f58b-59a 3191_17_Invoc_f59b-65a 3191_18_Invoc_f65b-66a 3191_19_Invoc_f66b-72a 3191_20_Invoc_f72b-73a 3191_21_Invoc_f73b-79a 3191_22_Invoc_f79b-80b

1 thought on “Sloane 3191”

  1. Thanks for keeping these on-line!

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