My own notes are shorthand, and I use a lot of abbreviations. Doing software in real life and having a military background generally means conversations and notes tend to end up abbreviated. This also is good for journals in the circle. Represented here is vocabulary used on the blog, but will probably help you tread around the ceremonial magicsphere. If you have a question about something not covered here, either drop me a note or peek at Llewellyn’s Dictionary.

The list is not alphabetical, but rather grouped to frequency and topic. Use your browsers search button.

Evocation – To request the spirit be contained separate from the magician in a triangle, crystal ball, or smoke. Invocation is generally preferred for a lasting influence, evocation is generally preferred for a temporary influence.

Invocation – To request the spirit enter your sphere and become part of your astral self. Invocation is generally preferred for a lasting influence, evocation is generally preferred for a temporary influence.

Shewstone – Traditionally a black mirror, I prefer either a crystal ball to carry the color or a black crystal ball. For planetary workings where the candle is behind the shewstone, the implication is the shewstone is clear. If the candle is in front of the shewstone, it implies the shewstone is black. Generally you just need some device to scry in.

LRP – Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. Also seen as LBRP (Banishing), and LIRP (Invoking). Rituals which involve drawing five pointed stars in the air are LRP. Traditionally the LRP sets the polarity of the circle for mundane effects. A magician would set a banishing circle to exclude the influence of the physical world for his workings, or the magician would set an invoking circle to include and affect the physical world on his workings.

SRP – Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram. Similar to it’s lesser version, it can SIRP (invoke) and SBRP (banish). This is useful for invoking or banishing specific elements, otherwise it’s identical to the LRP.

LRH – Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. Similar to the LRP, it is also seen as LBRH (Banishing) and LIRH (Invoking). Rituals involving drawing six pointed stars in the air are all related to the LRH. As the LRP affects the outside and physical worlds, the LRH affects the inner and spiritual worlds and the polarity of the inner circle. A magician seeking to either mute the affects of planetary influences or increase them for summoning a spirit would use this ritual to either invoke or banish.

SRH – Supreme Ritual of the Hexagram. Similar to the lesser version, it can SIRH (invoke) or SBRH (banish). This is useful for invoking or banishing specific planetary forces, but otherwise identical to the LRH.

QC or KCQabalistic or Kabalistic Cross, this is the lesser ritual of the Middle Pillar. I learned this first, then started to prefer the middle pillar because the QC carries a message. “For thine is the kingdom, the power, the glory, forever and ever” is decidedly against most heliocentric models of the solar system required for planetary magic.

MP – Middle Pillar. Activates Chakras or spheres inside the astral body of the magician. I prefer to think of these as Chakras.

SS – Star Sapphire. This ritual is exclusively invoking. Note that Crowleys statement that this is the “true and perfect ritual of the hexagram” is unfortunate since I personally feel it glosses over the hexagram ritual’s finer points.

SR – Star Ruby. This ritual is exclusively banishing. While I experiment with these, I typically like the LRP and LRH as my go-tos. Consider this thread.

LMD or EVMLon Milo DuQuette, author of Enochian Vision Magic

EMfBEnochian Magic for Beginners (Donald Tyson)


ToLTree of Life. I prefer the version on Thelemapedia which isn’t the best presentation but mirrors most of the correspondences I use.

Make Waves on the Astral

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