22 March 2014 – Dean is building a new home for the material!

The following material is not John Dee purist material but represents someone re-working the system for their own book and set of tables. It is, to the best of my knowledge, a complete archive of this material and unique compared to most uses of the system. Similar to other portions of this archive, the hyperlinks are mostly dead. I believe this is complete. I have no idea who Runar is or if he is still alive.

Most of this material relies on the Golden Dawn body of work, but whoever was working it had a pagan streak and knew a little Crowley. According to Runars own notes on the topic, he never planned on publishing this work. His original page along with Dean can be found on archive.org and some of the material presented here was taken from their snapshots. The material here appears to predate the homepage presentation and contains more personal notes. There is also a mirror of the original page here.

Ored Dhagia Archive

Make Waves on the Astral

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