John Dee & Enochian Archive

Original Dee Manuscripts

Cotton Appendix I

Cotton Appendix II

Original Sloane 2599 and Sloane 2599 with fixed page ordering

Sloane 3188

Sloane 3189

Sloane 3191

Sloane 3678

Misc Materials

Sloane 8 and Bodley 908

Jim Reeds Book of Soyga Proof

The Book Of Soyga Proofs

The Book of Soyga with seed generator

Dee’s Books and Notes

Primus with Drewry’s Notes



Other Supporting Material

Tuba Veneris and JWMT Article

Oxford’s Book of Enoch

Daughter of Fortitude

Dee’s Invocations by Prayer

John Dees Actions With Spirits by Christopher Lionel Whitby

A True and Faithful Relation

Rabanus Maurus

The material here is incomplete and to the best of my knowledge no complete scans of his work exist. If you have full scans please contact me.

Rabanus Maurus and the Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis

Rabanus Maurus and the Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis 2, BibNat, Latin 2422

Liber de Laudibus Sanctae Crucis – Bib Espana

Fun Weirdness

Ben Rowe


Loagaeth “Proofs”

Spirits of the Great Table

10 thoughts on “John Dee & Enochian Archive”

  1. I want to thank you most sincerely for this compilation of manuscripts’ PDFs, which I wouldn’t have dreamed of to be found on the web. This is simply marveyllous! I wish you the best for ever.

  2. thank you for bringing this work back it was pretty upseting i did my own copies but in true regard i have figured out the key for the whole work with a mixture of the cotton apendge, the five books and the rest of the sloanes, it by all means tookclose to five years work but please contact me,

  3. Hello again its manuel well i started my book a slow start but going well, but i wanted to say a good addition to this site would the book aldaraia sive soyga vocor sloane 8 i believe once owned by dee. You dont have this version here but it can be found at Twilit grotto_Archives of western estorica, in the new tab on the left. This will definentlly be up your ally, plus it great site for studying original texts pretranslation. Also this is the only place you will find it but you may need permission to post it here. greeting again hope that helps.

  4. Well in transcribing Loagaeth i found this book pretty useful i have a PDF converter that turn it to English letters automatically hope this also helps.

  5. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  6. cliffwigtil said:

    Great job; I’ve been using these for my own Loagaeth work on Enochian.Today and it could not have been done without these. My deepest gratitude to you!

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