Ritual Overview

Merely reading these rituals will not make you a magician. The secret to success is repetition. Repeat the rituals until you can do them in your mind and you see the formless fire as though it were real.

When to use what?
Stenwick’s commentary on the “operant field” is particularly helpful here with his concepts of vertical intimacy and horizontal intimacy, but he leaves out the key to the whole thing – The pentagrams work on the horizontal intimacy and the hexagrams work on the vertical intimacy. “Within the column shines the six rayed star” isn’t just a nice mental image, it’s how it’s supposed to work. Please read his page, too.

When not actually doing magic…
When not doing magic to a specific end, the LBRP is the correct ritual to use. Think of it like sweeping the astral cruft out of your life. Astral cruft is stuff left over from rituals, thoughts about murdering that guy in traffic, worries about money, etc. The LBRH would also serve to clean out the mental cruft along with the low order nasties. It’s much better to understand you’re doing magic for spiritual growth, and use the LBRP/LIRH forms. Double banishing is the Big Reset button for magic.

When doing magic for mundane things…
LIRP is the ritual to use. The LIRP affects things which operate on the physical world. If I wanted a car and didn’t care how I got it, I would use the LIRP with the LBRH. Don’t overthink the results of these rituals, this is pretty much the template for using the Goetia.

When doing magic for purely spiritual things…
When going on astral tourism into the planes, scrying a tarot card or Hebrew or Enochian letter, or just trying to get information out of divination or similar, use the LBRP with the LIRH. This is also incidentally the form I use for most Enochian work.

When doing magic for mixed results…
For something like getting a job, you might need to change as a person to become the sort of person who can do that job, but the job is really a mundane task. On the other hand getting a good team together is often how well people “click” in addition to their skills. A job in particular is a good example of things which need to work on both the astral level (the team) and the physical level (doing the work). Use the LIRP and the LIRH. This is what I use for planetary magick.

Commentary on the Qabalistic Cross
The commentary page on the QC/KC should be more than enough to perform the ritual since the KC/QC is outlined and inseparable from the LBRP.
Erwin Hessle

Commentary on the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
Thelemapedia’s LRP Entry
Stenwick’s Commentary on the LBRP
Thelema and Skepticism

Commentary on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
There’s as many opinions on the LRH as there are people doing the LRH…
Thelemapedia’s LRH Entry
Kraig’s The Map is not the Territory
Stenwick’s Wrapping up the Hexagram Controversy

Commentary on the Star Ruby
The Star Ruby Ritual
Thelema and Skepticism

6 thoughts on “Ritual Overview”

  1. Dear Frater Ph,

    Awesome…. I should only add up that Israel Regardie said in “Ritual Magick” that he preferred to use the “unicursal” hexagram ritual (both for invoking and banishing” the unicursal version was an invention of Aliester Crowley.

    • The Golden Dawn came up with it but discarded it because (per Crowley) “It was an evil thing”. I’m not sure how they arrived there but whatever. Crowley did come around to it though and ended up preferring it because the “pen is never lifted from the page”. In the magicians mind, it becomes easy to trace without interruption or intruding thought because there’s never a moment of “where do I put the next line”. The whole thing is automatic. Wild speculation: I suspect Wescott would have preferred the original form because of the alchemical symbolism and would have regarded the challenge of holding the Will while drawing it as a task the magician must learn to accomplish.

      Incidentally I’m using OTA forms as of this writing but the page has been left intact to express my original, personal working.

  2. Well, ive been trying to get a complete edition of the Sword of moses, with index of magical names, and i have to admit i cant aford buying books or much of anything, and what i ask is if any can get it for me or maybe our host present it here, ill present an anchient secret, not known to any, but lawfull for me to reveal, it has to do with genesis, the begining, and the secrect the free masons forgot or hid. thank you and what i said here is true, and ill present it here if it doesnt offend our host.

  3. Here my secret, or the secret of god, raziel, 3.14 squre root this number and you have the book of genesis in cabalistic numbers.

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