Cotton Appendix II

Taken from the now defunct Magickal Review site.

xlvi2_01_f0-2a xlvi2_02_f2b-7a xlvi2_03_f7b-12a xlvi2_04_f12b-17a xlvi2_05_f17b-22a xlvi2_06_f22b-27a xlvi2_07_f27b-32a xlvi2_08_f32b-37a xlvi2_09_f37b-41a xlvi2_10_f41b-46a xlvi2_11_f46b-50a xlvi2_12_f50b-52a xlvi2_13_f52b-54a xlvi2_14_f54b-59a xlvi2_15_f59b-64a xlvi2_16_f64b-69a xlvi2_17_f69b-74a xlvi2_18_f74b-79a xlvi2_19_f79b-84a xlvi2_20_f84b-89a xlvi2_21_f89b-94a xlvi2_22_f94b-99a xlvi2_23_f99b-104a xlvi2_24_f104b-109a xlvi2_25_f109b-114a xlvi2_26_f114b-119a xlvi2_27_f119b-124a xlvi2_28_f124b-128a xlvi2_29_f128b-133a xlvi2_30_f133b-138a xlvi2_31_f138b-143a xlvi2_32_f143b-148a xlvi2_33_f148b-152a xlvi2_34_f152b-156a xlvi2_35_f156b-157a xlvi2_36_f157b-162a xlvi2_37_f162b-167a xlvi2_38_f167b-172a xlvi2_39_f172b-177a xlvi2_40_f177b-182a xlvi2_41_f182b-187a xlvi2_42_f187b-192a xlvi2_43_f192b-197a xlvi2_44_f197b-202a xlvi2_45_f202b-205a xlvi2_46_f205b-210a xlvi2_47_f210b-215a xlvi2_48_f215b-220a xlvi2_49_f220b-224b xlvi2_50_f225a-227a xlvi2_51_f227b-232a xlvi2_52_f232b-237a xlvi2_53_f237b-241a xlvi2_54_f241b-246a xlvi2_55_f246b-250b

1 thought on “Cotton Appendix II”

  1. Virginia Highlander said:

    Thanks so much for saving these!

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