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I heard you were affiliated with the OTA – where can I find you?

If you’re an OTA member, you can find the CHSOTA.org group here: Valley Forge. Initiation was April 25th, 2015.

I heard you were Gardnerian Wiccan?

That’s also true, as of September 8th, 2018. On July 2nd, 2021 I was raised to the second degree.

I heard you were a Freemason?

Yes, I joined my father and his fathers lodge as family tradition. Freemasonry has esoteric roots, but it’s primary focus is on fraternity and community service. Being in the Northern Jurisdiction, I also chose to join the York Rite.

What’s the primary philosophy used in this blog?

Hermetic Golden Dawn tradition makes up the bulk of the foundation. While I can’t claim formal initiation or interaction with an actual Golden Dawn body, I use the bulk of their ritual structure to magic. I actually prefer the Thelemic Philosophy, but Crowley’s rituals tend to be too elaborate. When Crowley couldn’t dress up a concept, he used the Golden Dawn rituals.

Can I contact you?

I would prefer it if you left a comment or a note. I’m not antisocial, I am just looking to keep my magical identity separate from my real life identity and would really like to encourage discussion of the content. After a few requests for such, I finally made a new gmail address. You can contact me here.

How long have you been at this?

Most of this kicked off in 2010. I still don’t feel particularly knowledgeable and I’m usually surprised when people ask me for my opinion or advice. I only recently started publishing my notes and such after realizing I really enjoyed it when people did the same.

Whats your religious background?

I was raised some form of Christian. Grandpa was a Mason, for whatever it’s worth. I derped around with atheism, which after getting a career in technology, I realized was a joke. It was, however, a functional model if the model is putting the LEGO store at the mall in the really awkward philosophical position that those bricks might actually assemble themselves by chance is an actual philosophical position. For all the atheists screaming “BUT SCIENCE”, science is falsifiable. Atheism is a religion. I experimented briefly with Buddhism, Judaism, and Shintoism. This led me to Asatru and Wicca. The only one which was particularly interesting to me was Judaism, the rest of them are systems of philosophy or magic but lack theological underpinnings. Buddhism being the worst since it’s nihilism with God. Judaism is political, just as bad as Christianity and Islam. Eventually I discovered Hermetic Philosophy, and the Golden Dawn.

What magic is represented on this blog?

My first successful evocation was with the Goetia, specifically Agares. The Goetia tend to be lazy and one step above completely synthetic spirits or spellwork. Things will get done, but they get done in such a way that shows little planning and consideration for the whys and hows. I love Enochian magic to death, and think it works extremely well for commanding things like weather, and very specific tasks for the offices of the spirit. The Enochian spirits are also the only spirits I’ve managed to offend into leaving the triangle. Similarly, Enochian spirits have a strong planetary component to them, so you will see some planetary spirits make an appearance here as well. The rule of thumb:

Goetia – Spirits get fast results, not always in the nicest way.
Enochian – Spirits get slower results, in the most considerate way.
Planetary – Spirits can only be called on certain days. Spirits will get results proportionally to how much you observe the rules.

Did you plan on becoming a ceremonial magician?

Nope, I had no religious affiliation whatsoever. When I was considering magic, I was considering asatru. The ceremonial magic stuff was furthest from my mind.

Did you plan on becoming a witch?

No, and if you dig through the blog enough, you’ll find many posts critical of various versions of Wicca. Much like different masonic lodges have different focuses, each coven is going to have it’s own feel and take on the material, and how broadly they permit their people to range through the greater context of the magical paths. I would suggest, due to the popularity of wicca, that it’s much more important to find a group you click with first and be completely honest in doing so than to join a group for the name or status. I have found a good portion of covens which were militant feminists in which men were treated as second-class-citizens, and I’ve found that a lot of British Traditional Wicca covens were populated by people who focused more on the status of the thing and it’s exclusionary nature than the actual work of magic. It’s far better to meet in the Outer Court for a year and decline initiation than it is to submit to a coven who’s leadership or composition offends some piece of your nature.

10 thoughts on “About & Contact”

  1. Thank you for saving the material from TMR – if the costs become too high let me know and we’ll share the burden. I wonder what happened to them? I was horrified when I followed a link and they were gone.


    • To be fair it’s just the Dee subset of the material from the TMR. Archive.org was a big help too. I did not back up any of the original work from the TMR. To the best of my knowledge they just lost interest.

  2. Hello again sorry about my quick message done by phone, but let me start again my name is Manuel Martinez I live in New Mexico a place where you can say people still believe the old ways are true and taboo, but in my youth growing up i didnt need the conjurations or any force of binding for what can say some various types of spirits have been in front of me, which brought me to the study of arcane lore, various grimoires, and many ways of banishing which helped be alot, and various warding sigils, i grew into angelic magic for some sorts i understood without having to ask even dreams that relate theorems into our reality. but that is me i studied John Dee works for many years unlocking its secrects one by one and have nearly completed the work, except for the greatest part how to use loagaeth this is something no one else knows, but im determined to release some of my notes, major corrections, and put it up to scrutiny of the web and lodges. And to take it further if you would give me the honor to do this, i stand behind my work fully, and i will give examples. P.S. possible publishing i have hundreds of pages of notes, i was hopping you may know any book people from what i have seen i touch more then several dozen things that know Enochian user ever touches. Well let me know. sincerly manuel

    • OK that’s not a wall of text so it’s actually readable. 😉

      The one big trick with Enochian is that it’s not a system which has a “solution”, but rather the solution is the system. If you can reconcile the system you’re set to make some really neat leaps. But that’s like saying that “an airplane is neat”. Its not really neat unless you take it up and fly it around, because a true understanding of the airplane is only accomplished through it’s use.

      Lulu is the standard answer for self-publishing a hardbound book. https://www.lulu.com/

      If you sell to Llewellyn’s they own the work. It’s actually not very fair.

      Amazon kindle also lets authors self-publish, and I read most of my stuff on my nook anyway. The rates suck.

      • Nice, i like the metaphor, well i can say some of these cogs are missing, siglium de aemeth, sorry for bad Latin i don’t carry my notes, has five mistakes intentional by Dee,
        nobodies successfully translated the calls, the enochain dictionary a lot incorrect ive fixed that and conjoined every word so translation fits together , clay Holdens destroyed the first and second page of Loagaeth a reciting call from the five books, a hundred in some mistakes that has b’s for h and s’s as h, the the seven signs of concilliation has no names except for one who said all the b’s are 6’s, publicizing demonic nature which far from the trueth, and heptarchia this is my baby out it all this was my greatest achivement it can be worked, but by submission no ones suppose to reveal that to another how its done, but i can say it can be done, and its all there several pages have been left out but only in the original work. And lastly im starting to try to bring forth how the calls came from Loagaeth this a long and tedious work and by my self could take several years, thanks for telling me about the publishing thats sad, but my want was to fix the work at least so any reader can read and figure it out, but a work corrupted by people is a mockery of divine law we don’t change the bible for it blasphemy, the only person who has come close is Lon Milo Duqutte and even his work has errors, we behold a two fold path one ascending with permission the other by force and decending, if you know this mystery, it is a great key, but there are many doors. well good day and i love the website, we maybe having more chats, but i only get email on the weekends and send them.

        • EruditioPerEventus said:

          “we behold a two fold path one ascending with permission the other by force and decending, if you know this mystery, it is a great key”

          I think this comment is fascinatng. What originally brought me to this site was a search on LVX and NOX. To me, these two “methods” of ascending are just that, one via “grace” and one via “intention”. Many years ago, I started referring to these ascents (via grace) as “lux fluxes”, but I really saw LVX in my mind’s eye every time I thought of a “lux flux”.

          NOX on the other hand is something I’m still trying to master. ON (Ayin and Nun) being the operative pieces which precede ascent.

  3. I really want to be a member of the OTA but was directed to here and that you don’t mail materials to Africa what should I do ?

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